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    Paul's Eschatological & Pastoral Epistles - Printed Student Manual

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    This download file is for use in the classroom. This is a chapter by chapter presentation of everything that has a Figure number and a caption in the Student Manual. It is not the Teacher's Guide, nor the Student Manual.

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    Course Description (BIB3012): The Eschatological and Pastoral Epistles. A thorough study of five of Paul’s letters, from 1 Thessalonians through Titus. Examining each of the five letters includes an analysis of the biblical author, date, readers, historical and cultural setting, purpose, themes, special features, and outlines. Also, studying each epistle involves the exegesis and analysis of each paragraph in its literary context, with an emphasis on the two main hermeneutical questions: What did this paragraph mean to the first readers? And what does it mean to us today? Continuing to the top of the hermeneutical ladder, each lesson identifies timeless, cross-cultural principles for every paragraph of these five letters. Interactive questions, case studies, and illustrations guide students to evaluate and apply these principles to the situations believers face today. (This workbook by itself is designed for 2 credits, based on 16 class hours per credit.)

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    eVisuals: $10.0 Make your classroom or group study come alive with these 6 Slide Presentations -- One for each chapter in the book. Includes all figures with all the charts plus maps and photos in color. You will receive instructions on how to download this zipped file.

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