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    Hermeneutics 1—General Principles for Interpreting Scripture - Printed Student Manual

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    This download file is for use in the classroom. This is a chapter by chapter presentation of everything that has a Figure number and a caption in the Student Manual. It is not the Teacher's Guide, nor the Student Manual.

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    Course Description (THE1022): This is an introduction to general principles for interpreting the Bible. Unit 1 lays the foundation as we examine the need for principles to guide us; the qualifications, tools, and goals of a biblical interpreter; and the history of hermeneutics. Unit 2 is the core of the course. It teaches students to study the historical and cultural background; identify circles of literary context; analyze word meanings and relationships; and interpret various types of figurative language. Unit 3 deals with applying Scripture. It explores the relationship of the covenants to each other and to the kingdom of God. Then students learn to value and identify biblical principles based on a passage. The study concludes by exploring the role of the Holy Spirit in interpreting and applying the Word of God.

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    eVisuals: Make your classroom or group study come alive with these 9 Slide Presentations -- One for each chapter in the book. Includes all figures with all the charts plus maps and photos in color. Download these slide presentations as a zipped file. Within 48 hrs after you order, you will receive a link for the download. $10.00

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